1.4.8 Rare hernias

Internal hernias
These types of hernias cannot as a rule be detected with the naked eye or be felt, because the hernial sac is situated within peritoneal pockets inside the abdominal cavity.
This is a hernia which occurs in the region of the lateral abdominal wall. It penetrates what is known as Spieghel’s line (muscle-tendon border of the transverse abdominal muscle at the lateral margin of the anterior rectus abdominis muscle).
A hernia protrudes through a small gap in the diaphragm, known as Morgagni’s gap Morgagni’s hernias occur close to the breast bone.
In the case of this hernia, which is also known as an intestinal wall hernia, the hernia contents within the hernial sac are composed of only a protruded part of the intestinal wall. Intestinal passage is unaffected since the entire intestines are not involved.