1.4 Different types of hernias

A hernia can occur at different body sites. Different types are identified, depending on where the hernia opening is situated. [Fig. 5]
The most important types of hernias:
Epigastric hernia Hernia in the midline of the upper abdomen
Umbilical hernia Hernia in the navel region
Incisional hernia Hernia in the vicinity of a scar left after a previous operation
Inguinal hernia Hernia in the inguinal region
Femoral hernia Special form of inguinal hernias descending to the thigh
Parastomal hernia Hernia in the presence of an artificial intestinal outlet (stoma)
Hiatal hernia Diaphragmatic hernia at the site where the oesophagus enters the abdomen
 Fig. 5: Different types of hernias and their localisation