Quality Assurance Study/Registry

The new internet-based quality assurance program/registry spanning the entire spectrum of surgical disciplines is intended as a means of improving the quality of patient care and of producing valid data on treatment research.

On the internet all relevant patient data can be entered free of charge into the study database (comorbidities, previous operations, staging, surgical technique, medical devices used, perioperative complications and follow-up data). Participants can call up their own data at any time in the form of a statistical evaluation facility. The Quality Assurance Study/Registry spanning all surgical disciplines comprises the following: inguinal hernias, umbilical hernias, incisional hernias, epigastric hernia, parastomal hernias and hiatal hernias. A module related to treatment of hernia in an infected area is being currently developed. The online Herniamed Quality Assurance Study/Registry meets the most stringent data protection criteria.

If you are interested in participating in the Herniamed Quality Assurance Study/Registry please register here:

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