Herniamed Training Centre

The non-profit organisation Herniamed is running, in cooperation with the Vivantes Endoscopic Training Center in Berlin, an education and training centre for all open and endoscopic surgical procedures spanning the entire field of hernia surgery. In courses, workshops and team training seminars national and international experts in the domain of hernia surgery will impart knowledge on open and endoscopic surgical techniques. To that effect, only biological and digital simulators, rather than live animals, will be used. Thanks to the networking links in place between the Herniamed Training Centre and national and international hospitals, the latest and most innovative operative techniques can be taught through live transmissions. In that way, it is not only young surgeons who can be introduced to hernia surgery, but also experienced surgeons in collaboration with experts can work towards further standardization and optimization of hernia surgery.

Inauguration ceremony of the Vivantes Endoscopic Training Centre on 14 May 2010

Talk by Prof. Köckerling with live transmission of an operation

Training room at the Trainings Centre

Demonstration of a laparoscopic procedure on a model

Model doll for learning and practising endoscopic or laparoscopic examination and surgical techniques